Building DNA from womb to the world
The Sanskrit word Garbh means foetus in the womb and Sanskar means educating the mind. So, Garbh sanskar essentially means educating the mind of the foetus.
A BABYS MIND GETS develkpped majorly in the womb. In todays world a women is surrounded by stress, depression, professional pressure and much more, this leads to negative impact on the womb resulting in hyactivenes, learning disorder and many more things in todays children.
Garbh Sanskar will give you practical tools to shield the LIL one in the womb from all the unwanted stuff which will be a hurdle to the growth of mind & Body.
Benefits of Garbh Sanskar
  • Ancient Indian medicine has recognized the need for the mental, spiritual and physical preparation of the mother-to-be for the momentous event of childbirth.
  • Research indicates that a baby's brain develops up to 60 per cent while in the tummy.
  • Programme is a combination of Mind tools, Chants, Music, and these are most important during the process of Garbh Sanskar.
  • The popularity of Garbh Sanskar is also because researchers have proved its relevance and importance in the development of the child.
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