Changing Your DNA Changing Your Life

Changing Your DNA Changing Your Life

Do you know whatever is happening in your life is directly connected to the vibrations of your DNA?

The life you are living, the kind of people, place, event, health, wealth & Success you are attracting (good or bad) it is only because of the Vibrations of your DNA, and the kind of vibrations depends on the programming of DNA. Have you seen children of the same family one grow into a highly successful Person and other is miserably broke? Vibrations of the DNA causes events to take place and also helps to design our life.

Our DNA is programmed in many stages.

  • It is programmed in the mother’s womb
  • It is programmed in the early 3 years after the birth
  • It is programmed by the surrounding, environment, events, the people we spend most of the time in early childhood
  • By the means of knowledge & entertainment; you are exposed to
  • By the EGO we acquire from school, colleges, degrees and all the achievements we boast on

My life was going just like a roller coaster Up and Down and down I was crying, smiling, shocked, and surprised. And after this, my journey started of understanding what makes Happier People Happy, Richer Rich, Successful more Successful and Poorer people Poor. I tried Motivation, Fortune teller, Learning, skill development, anger management, and whatnot. But the problem was they all were working on fruits and the problem was in the roots. And then I discovered the Formula.

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

What is Vibration? What exactly is vibration? In simple words, a vibration is a motion that repeats itself-picture a pendulum moving back and forth over a fixed point.

Vibrations Create Waves
All vibrations generate WAVES as a means of transporting their energy. Since everything in the Universe vibrates and vibrations create waves, then, from this point of view, the entire universe, and everything physical and non-physical and anything in between can be seen as a wave.


Happiness, love, joy, success, failure, money, health wealth, and all have their own frequency like Radio stations have their frequency and you can listen to a particular radio station if you tune into that frequency. How to change vibration to align with the proper frequency of life? By Reprogramming the Vibrations of the DNA. By following some simple tools & techniques, but nowadays we humans don’t follow & appreciate simple things and that’s why there is so much difficulty in today’s life. Let’s have a look at the steps to Reprogramme our DNA and see if we can do so. I did and found my purpose, great family life, Soul friends and much more

How to change vibration to align with the proper frequency of life?

ACCEPTANCE: Whatever has happened to YOU or in your LIFE, first of all,accept it. Whether its failure, Financial loss, loss of loved one, job issue -just accept it by saying, it happened with me. Don’t fight with it just accept it.

EMPTY YOUR CUP: Revisit your life journey write it down, understand your life or sit with a Coach/mentor and say all your pains, guilts, and hurts and make yourself light once and for all. And then accept it stop all the blames, justification, complain because when we crib about the problems every time all our focus goes on problems and it enlarges and attracts more problematic things. And once you accept the story ends there and now you can redesign and change the vibration. Do all this with empathy.

FORGIVE, FORGET & FORMAT: Now it’s all done so please forgive the person, event or loss and also try to forget it by discarding all the things, numbers, photos or anything which reminds you of that unwanted story. GO and visit some EXCITING AND NEW place OR do swimming or do any physical activity for some days.

WRITE YOUR STORY: Now your DNA is ready for new program installation, write your own story, own poem, and set your frequency high and set the law of attraction. Own your morning by writing your story the moment you get upon and before going to bed. Affirm aloud, write your superhit story, visualize your new life, and be grateful. Now you will see miracles. Whole Universe will conspire to rebuild your new life

DNA NEUTRALISING: Now give yourself some time to neutralize your thoughts & emotions by listening to high-frequency music of singing bowls and DNA reprogramming Music and do this before going to bed. (you can check with me). Russian scientists have shown that our DNA can actually be reprogrammed by words and certain frequencies. Most of the highly successful people influence and reprogrammed their DNA by words and frequencies. Without cutting out and replacing single genes.

CELEBRATE: Now its party time. Celebrate each small or big Achievement, Do not wait for Big Success or Achievement to celebrate. Celebrate every success and mold it in your life, and re-live it in your HEART, BODY & SOUL.


Post By Kastoori Shetty – Transformation Coach and Mind Power Trainer

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  1. amit

    Awesome ….felt refreshed just on reading it.

  2. Anusha Shetty

    Wow nice one….article gives some positive push for youngsters like me..?

  3. Vinay Nagaonkar

    Wonderful, Great Going

  4. Vinay Nagaonkar

    Great Going

  5. Kamini baxi

    This is very helpful in everydays life. one can change their life if they understand this dna

  6. Sandeep

    Great work Done. Higher level of Energy , fully charged .since you are changing life of people and filling Bright wonderful colour in their life

    Best wishes for your MINDSEEDS

  7. Raji Kutty

    Very nicely written. Proud of you.

  8. Nikhil surag

    I understood that the only way to live life is Positive Attitude,positive approach.give your 100%definitely you will reach your goal.but sometimes it so happens life takes miserable turn& the things which you come across is beyond your that condition the only thing you can do is know you have given your best but fortune is always not in our court.we have to first of all accept whatever comes in your way.if you disappoint,argue,unsatisfied&frustrated you will never come out of worst.DNA means your upbringing,atmosphere,people in your surroundings,education,knowledge all this together is DNA & which comes in your genes by birth.above all when stress grows it butsts.So it is very necessaryto open yourself.share your feelings,loss of dearones,frustration,dreams,your failure atleast once in a while so that you can start again the New Beginning.that is only called empty your cup.happy moments hundreds of people are there to share but you need your near& dearone to share your downfall also.After every dark night bright Sun welcomes you,similarly your Positivity will wash out all your discomforts& negative aspects.So Be Positive,Accept the situation& Empty your cup,So that you can fill it with progress,prosperity,love and care.appreatied ?

  9. Dipal Mehta

    Very well worded article. Covered important points in concise manner. U write of a professional columnist level. ?

  10. Amit Saraf

    It is really a very fabulous and eye opening article. You have again focused on topic something which is really out of box thinking type. Any one just rarely think of such minor things which have great effect on our personallity, our life. Once again hats off to you. I hope for such type of eye opening article in future

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    Amazing Thanks for all guidance. Keep rocking??

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    it really wonderful your are inspiring me.
    This content has brought in vibrations in me.
    Keep writing and keep inspiring.

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    Very nice

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    Lovely article. Very nicely written and simple experiencial narrative makes it an easy read.

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    Well said in a step wise manner Kastoori. Liked Forgive , Forget and Format .

  16. Pradeep

    Takeaway :
    Change your DNA, change your life.
    Wonderful article
    Thank you for sharing the Key to re-program the life.

  17. Machhu

    So True. Thanks for the enlightenment
    BTW I never thought a DNA can be reprogrammed, but if there are ways I will surely try it out.
    Afterall the life we live, the daily struggle we go through has an end goal and if we assess our end goal I am sure each one of will say it’s achieved the moment you see yourself or your loved happy. So if all the struggle is to be happy than can’t I be happy throughout the process to be happy.

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