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Mindseeds is a Personal & Business Training Company which helps People TO SUCCEED by eradicating fears, building Confidence, Designing life & business strategy. We empower People and Companies to Transform their Personal Life, Professional Life, Financial Life & Spiritual Life by providing them with Worldclass Real life Trainings & Coaching.
  • Transformation Success Coach
  • Mind Power Trainer
  • Key Note Speaker

“EVERYTHING IS ENERGY” people we attract, the Ideas, the Businesses, the clients, the employees, the kind of life we are living, all these are attracted based on our energies, in MindSeeds we help you to practically understand energies and influence it & vibrate on higher energies.

About Company

As the name is Mindseeds, its purely a product of mind work. Kastoori Shetty born in a poor family became practical psychologist by treating people’s at home. Her deep interest in human behaviour and the one question what makes a richer rich and a poorer poor? Made her to study mind magic and that was her North star. Kastoori studied Leadership Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Science Of Mind, Mind Power. She is a certified Corporate Trainer, TNA expert, Life Coach, Expert in Human Behaviour & a Passionate Public Speaker. After understanding secrets of a successful & fulfilled life she became unstoppable not settling for less than what she desired. Her deep interest in problem solving and helping people to come out of miserable life and to live the life of unlimited possibilities she gave birth to Mindseeds with a vision of Transforming lives of millions of people around the world & to serve this Planet.

We create solutions for your organization & Business


  • To operate with integrity in everything we do
  • To respect customers’ and colleagues’ beliefs and values
  • To adopt an entrepreneurial and business-like approach to our work
  • To prioritise results for customers
  • To enjoy and celebrate success and positive effort
  • To actively seek opportunities to take on increased responsibility


Delivering Success, Confidence & Happiness To Every Person & To Every Business On this Planet Through Mindseeds Real-Life Coaching & Training


To Humbly Serve God By Being An Extraordinary Change Makers To Make This World A Better Place Than We Were Born.