Live a Life of Purpose

Live a Life of Purpose

In the midst of a busy life sometimes we tend to forget to live our life FULLY. We miss the most important person that is “I”. We miss to love our self, appreciate our self and most importantly express our true talents & real nature. When I was going through the challenges in my life, when I blundered with my life, time taught me the real-life lessons, and in this journey. Until 1-day life took me to a completely different place, in the midst of nature, the most beautiful; 12 days of my life, it was there where I met my True Self. I met really powerful 22 people, stayed with thyme, had fun and laughter, it was like heaven on this earth.

No one was judging me, no expectations, no criticism no stress, no hurry just Love and Encouragement, THE REAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I LEARNT THE REAL-LIFE LESSONS AND MOST IMPORTANT I learned how to live life powerfully, with 100% self-expression. Simple & yet powerful, things what I learned from those 12 days which I follow now and wanted to share with you all:

Love Yourself

Stand in front of a mirror, look into the mirror, look deep into your eyes and say – “I LOVE YOU, I REALLY LOVE YOU” “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” “YOU ARE STRONG” …. AND SAY GOOD THINGS ABOUT YOU. Repeat it for at least 3 minutes. All your burden, stress, scars will start to disappear, trust me its Magic.

Forgive Yourself

The one person whom we always blame & hurt the most is OUR OWN SELF. So, sit on a chair and imagine another YOU sitting in front of you & Say from your heart “I AM SORRY SWEETHEART FOR ALL THE PAIN AND REGRETS, PLEASE FORGIVE ME” “I LOVE YOU” and hug yourself. Now you are complete.


We often forget all the blessings of our life. From the day we were born and till now, many of things and people which we wished one day came into our reality and we have it in our life NOW. So, take some time out and write down the things we are grateful for. Our body, food, loved ones, job, money, house, transport, the air we breathe and much more things…… do this for at least 7 minutes and see how you attract more good stuff.


Whatever great things we see in our lives or around us are created twice- once in our mind and then in the real world. So, think of any 3 things you want to achieve in next 3 or 6 months. Close your eyes and create a dream world in your imagination, as if you already achieved these things and you are enjoying, and thanking people, get the Goosebumps and get into the real feelings. This will attract the right kind of People, condition, place, finance, situation, opportunities all those things which are required to fulfill your goals.

Do this for Minimum 30 days and take ACTIONS according to your INTUITION and GUT feelings. Do leave your feedback in comments to us about what great things you are experiencing in your life.


Live Life Of Purpose,

– By Kastoori Shetty, Transformation Coach & Mind Power Trainer

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